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Say you're looking for a book on a certain topic, or in a particular genre. You go to your favorite online bookstore, quickly scan the first page of search results, and click on a few that seem promising.

Which ones do you click?

Judging a book by its cover

Readers don't have time to browse through hundreds of books to find the one they want to buy. They rely on packaging—the covers—to narrow their search.

We are drawn to covers that are ...

Attractive. A beautiful cover entices readers to take a closer look.

Professional. A professionally designed cover tells readers that the material inside will also be professional. It gives the book—and its author—credibility. An unprofessional cover will do the opposite.

In tune with what we're looking for. An effective cover conveys the book's message and tone. It appeals to readers in its target market, giving them a sense of the author's style before they read a single word.

Creative fusion

Covers are a collaborative effort. You come to the project with detailed knowledge of your book's message, tone, and target audience. After we discuss your goals, I will work to translate your vision into a compelling design.

Discounts available to publishers and those who purchase an additional service.

Click here to view portfolio of sample covers.

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