Cover to Cover LLC

"I can't list enough glowing adjectives to describe how transformative your advice has been—I was able to turn that manuscript into something I'm quite proud of."

Stefnee Peterman, author of White (forthcoming)

"I loved working with you. You are incredibly gifted. Your wording suggestions were right on! Many people have commented on your striking design of cover. I appreciate the professional quality you brought to the finished product, which I think most people take for granted, but I take it as a plus that not a soul has nitpicked or found a typo."

Aleena Rieger, author of I Didn't Tell Them Anything: The Wartime Secrets of an American Girl

"Susan is fantastic to work with. We were very impressed with the depth of her edits and feedback. Not only does she provide a detailed line edit, she gave pause to areas that had larger implications for the book and its reception by readers. She has helped greatly improve our author's manuscript. She is very responsive and open to communication. We highly recommend Susan."

Winsome Lewis, Dudley Court Press

"Susan Wenger is an incredible editor and mentor. Her patience, attention to detail, suggestions, and deletions have truly made this entire process a personal success in growth and quality. She has been my primary go-to resource and friend as the Elle Burton series reaches publication. She will continue to fill these roles as I begin the second book in the series. Her input is invaluable."

Peggy M. McAloon, author of Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals

"I love how you explain the reasons for your comments—that kind of craft coaching is perfect."

Jane Ryder, director of operations, The Editorial Department

"I thought that I might mention that thanks in large part to your fine editing, the book review company Chanticleer awarded The Refused its 2021 Goethe First Place Award for 19th-century historical fiction."

Ron Singerton, author of The Refused

"Wow, I am so impressed. Thank you so much! I appreciate how gentle you have been with the author in the comments."

Howard Fisher, The Fisher Company

"You deserve to win awards with this outstanding cover."

Keller McGraw, author of American Reaper

"You are the first person that I completely trust with editing—I can almost push 'accept all changes' and not worry."

Thomas Whittingslow, author of "Inside Havana"

"Susan's book cover designs and editing services are excellent. It's a pleasure to work with her."

Sharon K. Miller, Buckskin Books LLC

"Your attention to detail and careful review will make this manuscript so much better."

Yvette G. Flores, coauthor of Cultura y Corazón: A Decolonial
Methodology for Community Engaged Research

"It hasn't necessarily been easy to try and balance between the original old-fashioned version [of the 1920 edition we're republishing] and new, modern standards, but I think you've done a fabulous job (not just the end result but guiding me through the process as well) and I appreciate the insights you've given along the way. Thanks to you, we'll be able to get this book back on our shelf soon!"

Kitta Hirvensalo, manager, Butterfly Lodge Museum

"After working with her on a novel that required several drafts, I was so impressed with Susan Wenger that I refused to work with anyone else. She never lost patience with me and always responded promptly, no matter how many exchanges were required or how small the minutiae we were discussing. Susan never failed to offer viable suggestions and make whatever adjustments I asked for, and in general was not only a total professional but a joy to work with. I simply won't work with anyone else: it would be too much of a letdown."

Mark Gaber, author of Sho Hondo and Rijicho

"Susan's comments on my first manuscript were precisely what I needed to move forward. They were thorough, insightful, kind, and extremely useful. And they were just enough to give me my next steps without being overwhelming. If it weren't for her feedback, I almost certainly would have given it up."

Amy M., author

"I appreciated your candid commentary on the first two chapters of Tyrants and Traitors. You verified some of my own thoughts about the foundation of the story and gave great insight into areas of improvement and tightening."

Joshua McHenry Miller, author of Tyrants and Traitors (forthcoming)

"The [developmental] edits were concise and confirmed many of my own concerns."

A. T. Baron, author of The Ruby's Cell (forthcoming)

"I value your comments, suggestions, and opinions very highly and hope we can work together again in the future."

Russell Doherty, author of Chicago Kids (forthcoming)

"I love Susan Wenger's cover design for our novel, Contrary Creek. It's provocative, sensitive to the theme of the book, and it makes you want to pick up the book and see what's in it. I'm also very pleased with her work in the page layout of the book, and the back cover blurb. This is a first novel, and I am overjoyed with the highly professional look and feel of our book."

Tom Walker, author of Contrary Creek

"Thank you for your excellent review of The Disembodied. I appreciated both your copyediting and your feedback on the flow and continuity of the story."

Anthony Hains, author of The Disembodied

"Your editorial comments are excellent and have helped me see my own work in a new light."

Joshua Martinsons, author of the Pathfinder series (forthcoming)

"I believe your manuscript critique was vital and greatly improved my writing and my confidence."

V. C. Thomas, author of Sweet Crude 

"What I liked best about your edit of Hollow is it remained my writing. You found errors, made suggestions, but I had the final choice in how and what to change."

Charles Vella, author of Hollow in the Woods

"I want to express my appreciation for the super copy edit. Really outstanding."

William R. Daniel, author of One If by Land

"I will be singing praises to you for that [cover] design from now till the day I die. Everybody who has seen it likes it and that really helps me sell them."

Brett Ashton, author of Vengeance

"Susan has a talent for matching interior layout with the focus of the book. Her designs are clean and always appropriate to the content."

James D. Best, author of the Steve Dancy series, The Shut Mouth Society,
Tempest at Dawn, and Principled Action

"THANK YOU for all your great work on Speaking in Semaphore. I got the copies and they look fantastic!"

Dan Burke, author of Speaking in Semaphore

"Susan, it was a pleasure working with you. You've got a great eye for design and page layout and your seemingly inexhaustible patience was deeply appreciated. I felt fortunate to have you on board."

J. Douglas Bottorff, author of The Whisper of Pialigos

"Your work throughout the entire [design] process was excellent."

Dane Dahl, author of The Pox of Mohammed

"Susan is a bright, competent person whose professional skills are comparable to those of a half-dozen editors with whom I have worked at Macmillan and other established publishing houses. In the course of turning out my two novels, we worked long and hard to create complex and attractive book covers. Susan demonstrated strong abilities in graphic design and exceptional patience. She didn't quit throughout repeated renditions until each of the covers was of the highest quality."

William Charland, author of Soundings and The Heartland File

"All my family & friends think your cover and design of my book is OUTSTANDING. You did a very good job, young lady.

Linjaman Jefferson Denham, author of The Virus Called Love

"Just a note to let you know how much I appreciate your designs for Horsehead. You took my ideas and developed them just as I had envisioned. The cover catches reader's eyes and makes me proud to sell them the book. Thanks for your help in publishing it."

Lois Chisholm, author of Horsehead

"My experience with you was excellent. Editing is not easy, because it requires a certain amount of diplomacy. You are diplomatic, and you are a very good editor."

Alain Corcos, author of The Little Yellow Train

"Susan was very professional and made every effort to please me in the book design of my book The Bless Mark."

Edwina Ann Doyle, author of The Bless Mark

"I had a wonderful experience with you, Susan. I was as green as a lima bean with my first books and you had patience and kindness in helping me achieve my goal. You guided me and gave me confidence when I needed it most."

Carole Dee, author of Thru the Chairs and Margaret and the Bully

"Having worked with Sue Wenger on two of my books, one a novel, the other a short story collection, I can say that I have learned a great deal from her in terms of phrasing a good sentence, of being felicitous when one can and her intuitive sense of what works and what does not work. I would work with her with every book I could muster in the years ahead. Like the superior editor she is, Sue guides, drawing out the best that the writer has. No easy task that!"

Mathias B. Freese, author of The i Tetralogy

"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover. You little genius you!"

Barbara Fredricks, author of Addictions and Family Healing

"Susan was a great help in her assistance with my first book, which had many changes because I changed my mind so many times. Whenever I made a bad choice, she would caution, but never badger me. I recommend her work wholeheartedly."

E. Reid Gilbert, author of Trickster Jack

"Susan Wenger has a fantastic eye for book design. I was extremely pleased with her work on my own book. The front and back covers, as well as the interior layout, exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Susan for her attention to detail and beautiful design aesthetic!"

Ann Elizabeth Grace, author of Confusion to Clarity

"Susan's feedback and helpful suggestions were invaluable. Her creative design for the cover was right on! One look draws you in. It was everything I hoped for and more!"

Missie Huber, author of Tormented Souls

"As a first-time author, I found the whole publishing experience quite intimidating, but Susan Wenger guided me through the process, instilling a sense of confidence along the way. She was always there for my many questions, either by phone or emails, giving me constructive criticism and editing suggestions. Susan's creative talents are evident with my beautifully designed cover and interior layout, complete with professional blurbs on the jacket and author picture as well. I couldn't have been more pleased with the final result.

Ann Lain, author of Crested Butte Dreams

"Susan Wenger is a magician. She took my 140,000 words and 160 graphics and in less than two months turned it into 375 pages of Stats with Cats: The Domesticated Guide to Statistics, Models, Graphs, and Other Breeds of Data Analysis. This was a huge design job made all the more complex by the statistical formulas and oversized tables. I recommend her highly."

Charles Kufs, author of Stats with Cats

"She is the copyeditor that other copyeditors go to for help."

Leah Rubin, Your Second Pen

"Susan is a true professional who will lead you and your book through her thorough editing, design and book layout processes. You'll hear from her repeatedly, which is a good thing, because every communication will bring your work one step closer to its final, polished completion."

Derek Donais, author of MetalMagic: Talisman

"I have enjoyed working with you. You were very responsive and you provided excellent advice along the way. I can't thank you enough."

Danny Lanier, author of The Power of Personal Leadership

"The back cover design is great....clever and creative and captures the essence of the book...I could not have asked for anything better...thank you."

Robert T. Latham, author of A Tale of Boxes

"You are amazing! I love the cover!"

Mindy Kane, author of Two Simple Words: "I Forgot"

"My heart is in my mouth again. I love the cover so much I have tears in my eyes."

Mary Spainhour Knight, author of Andrew

"Susan is creative, competent and a joy to work with! Her ability to transform my ideas into an artistic presentation gave my book the professional look I wanted."

Amy Hirshberg Lederman, author of One God, Many Paths:
Finding Meaning and Inspiration in Jewish Teachings

"You are fantastic. I can't believe your responsiveness and thoroughness."

Martyn Lewis, author of Sales Wise

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