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If you spend time on social networks like Facebook or Google Plus, you've probably seen graphical memes. They contain messages ranging from snarky to inspirational, and they are often accompanied by an image. Essentially they're little posters for the digital age.

A Book Meme takes the message + image format and applies it to your book. You choose a short excerpt—about one to three sentences—that you think will entertain or intrigue readers in your target audience. I choose an accompanying image and lay it out, with your quote, in a pleasing, engaging way.

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Unlike a book cover, which attempts to convey the book's gestalt, a Book Meme can focus on a tiny piece of the whole. It gets your book's title in front of people, creates a positive association, and potentially makes them curious enough to find out what the entire book is about.

You can post your Book Meme on social networks, your website, and your blog. If the quote you choose captures imaginations, other people may even pass it around, kicking off a viral book publicity campaign!

Price: $375

Discounts available for those who purchase an additional service.

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