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You better shop around

Say you’ve decided to join a dating site. Shortly after signing up, you find a profile that intrigues you. The person is interested in the same things you are, seems intelligent, has a great sense of humor, the works. Do … Continue reading

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What it’s about: Blurbs and the character-driven novel

Last week I offered tips on how to write compelling back cover copy for your novel. The trick is distilling your story down to its essence, telling potential readers about your characters and the challenges they face. But what do … Continue reading

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What it’s about: How to write enticing back cover copy for your novel

You stand at the doorway of your favorite coffeehouse, scanning the area for your friend. Julie is tucked away at a corner table, reading a paperback. She doesn’t notice you until you take the seat across from her. “Oh, sorry!” … Continue reading

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